Alison Katy Jenkins S.A.C Dip. FHPT S.A.C Dip. FHPP


Mobile Foot Health Practitioner.


I am fully qualified, registered and insured in foot health.

I have the Stonebridge Diploma in Foot Health. 


My Patients include young and old, those with diabetes, arthritis and mobility problems, some with stubborn verruccas as well as those who just love to have their feet pampered or checked!



During your first visit an assessment of your foot problems will be made. Your medical history needs to be considered, together with information of any medication you take on a regular basis. Many medical conditions affect feet and nails, not just diabetes.

This will be followed by the all-important treatment to make you comfortable. I end all appointments with a circulation stimulating foot massage. I allow up to 40 minuites/ 1 hour for this. 

This is a professional service and there is no need to be nervous or embarrassed. I am as gentle as possible and all matters are treated in confidence. I will offer advice, answer any questions you may have and discuss ways for you to help yourself. Guidance on footcare and footwear maximises the benefits of treatment, however periodic return visits may be required for your continued comfort.




A new pair of single use disposable gloves are worn for each patient. (Latex free can be used)

Antiseptic spray is applied on the feet receiving foot care, before and on completion of treatment.

Scalpel blades and dressings, if needed, will be sterile and single use only.

Instruments are only used once before being ultrasonic cleaned dried then sealed in a single use disposable plastic pouch re-sterilised in a high pressure medical autoclave at 134 degrees centigrade ready for the next treatment. This is vital in the fight against infection and cross contamination. This is the sterilisation specification as laid out by the Health Professions Council (HPC).